Just Peace Players


The Players

The Players (from left to right):  Nancy Reed, Cindy Sweeney, Martha Crawford, Fran Bogle, Danyal Mohammadzadeh, Matia Angelou. 

Fran Bogle

I'm the coordinator of that Just Peace Players and have been enjoying this ministry for 18 years. I love to write, laugh, and move people to tears...just don't ask me to dance! Creating a new play almost every year is a challenge and a joy. I've had fun being a bear, a lobster, a pirate, a space alien and Pilate. My partner Debbie, was one of the founders of the Players, and I am grateful for her continuing support, editing and help preparing our forums and resources for congregations.

Matia Angelou

I am the newest player with the Just Peace Players. I started performing “Women of the Greatest Generation” with Fran and Nancy in 2015, and have enjoyed bringing these inspiring stories to audiences throughout Massachusetts. I have a passion for music and singing and love to bring our message of peace, justice, and courage forward with song. I am now part of the troupe presenting “The Lawyer’s Question” and look forward to sharing the important message of our newest play with many people as we continue our work of bringing peace and justice to others. 

Martha Crawford

It's hard to believe that I have been a Player for over a decade! It feels like yesterday when I joined the group. Since then I've played a grandmother, battered woman, birdwatcher complete with binoculars, and Mrs. F...everyone's Sunday School Teacher. I like to write for the plays, and have fun meeting people at different churches and conferences. I'm adept at arranging our literature table, and always have new ideas to share.

Nancy Reed

My ministry began as a pastor in a local church, and I have been a hospital chaplain and director of pastoral care for many years. In my four years with the Players I've had fun singing the "Blue Heron Blues," writing and singing as a roseate spoonbill praying for the Gulf Coast after the BP oil spill, and playing a wonder fat cat on a diet. Through the Players I have discovered new gifts, celebrated God's amazing love for us, and learned to use my GPS.

Cindy Sweeney

I'm also part of the new arrivals, though not new to the UCC or Edwards Church, now my home church once again.  I joined Edwards in 1971 and have always been interested in drama I worked on the 1st Christmas pageant that Edwards had!